INDIA: 400,000 people with coronavirus. #Dehli

Dehli India coronavirus kills people

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India has more than 400 thousand people sick with coronavirus, and arrives. 

India is the country where coronavirus attacked Dehli, the situation is very bad there.


As all countries of the world know, or cities, and in them every living citizen when the time of coronavirus began. 

There have been re-entry orders all over the world, and each of us has felt it, prohibitions and precepts. 

If everyone in the world knows that coronavirus kills mercilessly people and the ban is approaching. 

In India, too, there were reztrukcje to have contact as much as possible because pandemic spreads quickly. 

There are more than 1.4 Billion people living in India. 

Indian Coronavirus mutates :

Variety B.1.617 SARS-CoV2, also known as the “double mutant” or “Indian strain”, was commonly found in Maharashtra and Delhi, which were severely affected by the devastating second wave of pandemic.

INDIA: 400,000 people with coronavirus. #Dehli

The people of India have neglected the time of the pandemic, they know that the population is very large there, it should even be The people of India have neglected the time of the pandemic, they know that the population is very large there, they should even have to have distances. 

The United States and other countries including the European Union are helping people in need of breathing help, how does it help?. 

They send oxygen in large quantities, for example, Russia sent 22 tons of medical needed things. 

In Dehli, india in general, the whole neglected people, that is, coronavirus was disregarded. 

400,000,000 people suffered from coronavirus by people who neglected the situation. 

Every 4 minutes someone dies on covid – 19.


It is safe to say that they themselves contributed to this situation, because they disregarded pandemic. 

Before the big increase, the pair Before the big increase, a few thousand people bathed in the water, and two weeks later there was already a big illness and covid-19 goes up. 

Burning corpses on piles of wood is also not huminitary and can also contribute to other diseases, the smoke from the bodies is probably not very nice in the smell. 


People ask for oxygen because it ends quickly in cylinders, and it is also worth mentioning that they are also waiting a few hours to hit the oxygen cylinder. 


So where a large population lives and there is a pandemic time it’s not in thousands of people together like in India, because see what it’s threatening. 

Innocent people have suffered, as in the whole world 😪🤒

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In India, coronavirus kills. Oxygen is lacking.

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